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Benefits of Landscape Rocks in Richmond, TX

Speedy Grass & Nursery offers many different types of landscape rocks to transform your lawn and garden area into an oasis. Rock landscaping adds texture, beauty, and depth to your yard. You’ll add curb appeal and create an entirely new look with landscape rocks. We love to use landscape rocks for gravel driveways, creating walkways, landscape edging, backyard and front yard landscaping, and much more. You’ll instantly enhance the look and feel of your Richmond, TX home with landscaping rocks. If we don’t have the type you want in stock, we’ll get it for you!


We Carry Numerous Types of Landscape Rocks

We have numerous options of landscape rocks available to fit your lawn and garden needs. We offer different sizes and types of gravel rocks and stones, including:

River Rock

These are the most versatile rocks that can be used around pathways, trees, gardens, flower beds, and more. River rocks are less prone to weather damage, so their ability to suppress weeds lasts a long time.

Pea Gravel

This is the perfect addition to bordering your patios, driveways, and walkways. It’s got a soft texture that also suppresses the growth of weeds.

Mexican Beach Pebble Rock

This high-end rock gives an elegant look to your yard. These rocks are smooth, so you can also use them around pools for comfortable walking zones.

Black Star Rock

This gravel is about ¾ inch in size with a dark gray color that turns black when it gets wet. Black Star rock is the perfect accent under fountains or around walkways.


Crushed limestone is full of nutrients, so it’s a great way to boost plant and flower growth. It regulates the soil’s pH levels and neutralizes the acidity of the lawn.

Bank Sand

This type of sand is used to fill bedding and lawn areas. Bank sand can be used as a base layer for sod installation.

Moss Rock

This type of rock is usually used in a decorative way around your fire pit or flower bed. It’s perfect to pair with the color of your bright flowers.

Crushed Granite

This type of granite is budget-friendly and perfect to use in large areas. It’s got a natural look that blends into your yard.

How to Choose a Type of Landscape Rock

If you’re going for a walkway or path, it’s best to choose large, flat stones. Smaller pebbles and rocks are best for gravel walkways. If you’re using landscape rock as ground cover, your choice will depend on your yard needs. Large landscape rocks add weight to your flower beds and are better for drainage. Smaller rocks are best for weed control but slow drainage. Landscaping rocks are fire-safe, making larger rocks a perfect choice for fire pits. River rocks are best for your water features to line the bottom. Mexican beach pebbles and salida are often used for decorative purposes in your yard. We’re here to guide you with what will look best in your lawn and garden areas!

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