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Benefits of Planting Flowers, Plants, and Shrubs in Richmond, TX

Speedy Grass & Nursery offers a wide variety of flowers, plants, and shrubs in the Richmond and Houston, TX area. The best types change each season. Flowers provide a beautiful addition to your landscaping. Not only do flowers offer a boost to your curb appeal, but they also benefit the environment. Flowers reduce air pollution and soil erosion. Plants are an excellent addition to any area in your yard, boosting carbon dioxide levels. They’re a natural mood-booster and even help with climate control. Shrubs provide food and shelter for birds while improving air quality. They turn color in fall but return with colorful berries and breathtaking flowers in the spring and autumn.


Planting the Best Types for Each Season

The secret to the perfect yard is to select seasonal landscaping materials to show off each season. Here are some recommendations from our experts:


Go for color! Choose flowering trees and shrubs that will bloom quickly. These include lilacs, forsythia bushes, and mountain laurels.


Blooming flowers often disappear due to the summer heat, so it’s hard to find many trees and shrubs that bloom during this time. Choose hydrangea trees and crepe myrtles.


Fall foliage is all about vines and deep, harvest colors. Some of the most popular selections include sumac shrubs and maples.


The cold weather poses a threat to most landscaping. Evergreen trees and red osier dogwoods keep the beauty of your yard alive throughout this colder season.

Taking Care of Your Flowers, Plants, and Shrubs

A yard of beauty stays this way with the proper care and maintenance. It’s essential not to rush for the insecticides at first sight of a bug in your garden. Many insects are beneficial to your flowers, plants, and shrubs. It’s critical to water your greenery daily in the warmer months. When it doesn’t rain during the summer, water ½ to one inch of water per week. If you have any questions about any maintenance issues in your lawn or garden, feel free to ask for our help.

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